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pk10开奖计划1. How to reduce speed or stop when driving on a road covered with snow and ice?

A. Take full advantage of driving brake

B. Take full advantage of the control power from engine

pk10开奖计划C. Take full advantage of parking brake

D. Take full advantage of speed retarder

Answer: B

2. What is the meaning of this sign?

A. the lane for non-motorized vehicles

B. yield non-motorized vehicles

C. no passing for non-motorized vehicles

D. watch for non-motorized vehicles

Answer: D

pk10开奖计划3. A motorized vehicle driver who escapes after causing a traffic accident but his conduct does not constitute a crime, is subject to a ________.

A. 3-point penalty

B. 2-point penalty

C. 12-point penalty

D. 6-point penalty

Answer: C

pk10开奖计划4. What influence does smoking have upon driving?

A. Harmful for safe driving

B. Increase concentration

C. Help relaxation

pk10开奖计划D. No effect on driving

Answer: A

5. How to cross each other on a narrow mountain road without the central dividing line?

pk10开奖计划A. The vehicle not close to the mountain goes first

B. The vehicle close to the mountain goes first

pk10开奖计划C. The empty vehicle goes first

pk10开奖计划D. The slow-moving vehicle goes first

Answer: A

pk10开奖计划6. A motorized vehicle driver who drives more than 50% faster than the prescribed speed limit is subject to a 12-point penalty.

Answer: Y

7. A person whose driving license has been destroyed cannot drive a motorized vehicle.

Answer: Y

pk10开奖计划8. When the road maintenance vehicle and the engineering vehicle are on duty, the passing vehicles should avoid with care.

Answer: Y

9. When driving on a foggy day, the driver should turn on the fog lamp.

Answer: Y

pk10开奖计划10. Traffic Police only imposes a fine if a vehicle is suspected of using the falsified or altered label of inspection.

Answer: N

11. Drivers who ride motorcycles are able to not wear safety helmets.

Answer: N

pk10开奖计划12. When a motorized vehicle returns to the original lane after overtaking, the driver should Turn on the right-turn signal.

Answer: Y

pk10开奖计划13. What is the meaning of this sign?

A. overtaking ban is lifted

B. changing lane is allowed

C. changing lane ban is lifted

D. borrowing lane ban is lifted

Answer: A

pk10开奖计划14. What is the meaning of this sign?

A. no changing lane

B. no left turn

pk10开奖计划C. no going straight

D. no U turn

Answer: D

pk10开奖计划15. Drivers should wear shoes or boots, which have heels and not skid soles, to ensure the acute, accurate, and reliable gear-shifting by feet.

Answer: Y

pk10开奖计划16. Which of the following vehicle in front in the same lane is not allowed to be overtaken?

A. large truck

pk10开奖计划B. fire engine on duty

C. public bus

D. large bus

Answer: B

17. Serious wave will appear when the front tire blows out; the driver should release the accelerator, firmly hold the steering wheel with both hands, quickly gradually break down, and stop to yield.

Answer: Y

18. How long can a driver drives without rest?

A. less than 6hrs

B. less than 8hrs

pk10开奖计划C. less than 10hrs

D. less than 4hrs

Answer: D

pk10开奖计划19. A driver may drive on the road a motorized vehicle overhauled which has reached the saraped standard.

Answer: N

20. When use the brake of a motorcycle, use the front-wheel brake first, then use the back-wheel brake.

Answer: N

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